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Nuvia can trace its roots from the beginning of the world’s civil nuclear programme. Pioneering work in construction, engineering, nuclear R&D, design, build, operations, radiation protection and decommissioning has been undertaken; always with a strong emphasis on safety, quality, and sustainability. The Group’s rich heritage is reflected in the wide range of services provided today.

We are a Nuclear specialist company with over 1500 staff and pride ourselves on being an independent supplier of advice, engineering resource and specialist products. These products and services have been provided to many of the world’s nuclear power plants and their associated infrastructures, giving Nuvia a global perspective of the demands of the Nuclear Industry, making Nuvia a trusted partner.

Nuvia, via its immediate parent Soletanche Freyssinet, is the nuclear entity of the VINCI Group, the world’s largest integrated concessions and construction group. This parentage provides a solid foundation and provides clients with unprecedented access to a range of outstanding engineering expertise.

The nuclear specialists
Nuvia India can access the entire capability of the Nuvia Group and will increasingly develop its own resource base in India to provide a local delivery of the products and services that make up the Nuvia Group activity.

Nuvia has a wide range of products to support its operational services, these include a wide range of decontamination equipment and consumables, passive fire protection covers, compounds and dampers through to systems to monitor civil structures, to name but a few.

We are developing the web site all the time as new product information becomes available to us. Please contact us for a Nuvia solution to your specific requirements.

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