Basic Radiation Protection Training launch

Nuvia India has launched Basic Radiation Protection training at IIT Bombay during 2nd Indo-US Nuclear Energy Safety Summit 2012 on 11th October, 2012. The response was well received and Nuvia India saw participation from NPCIL Bombay, NPCIL Tarapur, Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre Mumbai, PM Dimensions Pvt Ltd, Prince Aly Khan Hospital, APEAF, Areva India Pvt Ltd, Rolta India Ltd, Techcellent Inspectorate.

The training was imparted by our trainers, David Smith and Dr. G.K Srivastava. The training covered following topics.

• Atomic Structure and Radioactivity
• Nature of Ionising Radiation
• Different Types of Ionising Radiations
• Penetrating Properties of Radiation
• Units of Ionising Radiation
• Biological Effects of Ionising Radiations
• Radiation Effects
• External and Internal Radiation Hazards
• External Dosimetry, Internal Dosimetry
• Regulatory Provisions in India
For further training requirement or queries you can write a email to or call 011 – 49384300

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