Radiation Protection Services

Radiation Protection Services

Nuvia is a leading international provider of world-class radiation protection services. Our expertise has been developed over many years and is backed up by a highly trained, committed workforce and a wide range of specialist resources.

Ionising radiation is commonly used in a wide range of industries, and companies that do so are required to protect workers, the public and the environment from their potentially harmful effects. Through our comprehensive range of services, we will ensure your practices are justified, safe, comply with all relevant legislation and are fit for purpose.

Nuvia offers support, consultancy and expertise in all aspects of radiation protection which includes

  • Calibration and repair of Radiation monitoring instruments.
  • Radiation Protection Training programmes
  • Quality Assurance of medical X-ray diagnostic equipments
  • Radiation Protection advice

We supply these services to a wide variety of customers including those in medical sectors, government agencies, metal industries, nuclear industry, oil & gas sectors, global corporations and small private companies using radiation in a variety of technologies.

Radiation Protection Services


  • Nuvia India is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.
  • Nuvia India is accredited by AERB with certificate of Recognition for the purpose of calibration of Radiation Monitoring Instruments (RMIs).
  • Nuvia India is accredited by AERB as authorised agency to carry out calibration of Radiation Monitoring instruments and Quality Assurance services for Medical Diagnostic X-Ray equipments.

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