Quality Assurance Services

Quality Assurance for X-ray diagnostic equipments:

QA1One of the fundamental goals in Diagnostic Radiology is to provide the best possible output with minimum radiation dose and at a minimum cost to the patient and institution. To achieve this goal it is essential that a Quality Assurance (QA) and Surveillance program be developed and implemented in all X-ray source diagnostic departments.

Compliance Radiation Testing (QA) comprises one of the main statutory requirements for safe and controlled operation of the radiation source equipment. It is equally important to focus on safety aspect of the radiation worker (technician) handling the equipment, the patient undergoing the test and others in the immediate vicinity of the installation.

We provide quality assurance for the following:

X-ray (fixed and Mobile) / DR System
C Arm machines
Dental X-rays
Cone beam CT (CBCT)
Bone mineral densitometer


Scope of QA services:

Quality Assurance service provider as per AERB guidelines for radiological equipments
AERB Registration assistance for Institution / Diagnostic Lab
Radiation Protection Services

Key Features:

Efficient and time bound
Backed by Nuvia UK’s world wide experience of over 40 years.
High precision quality assurance equipment for performing all measurement tests
Qualified & trained person from AERB.
Dedicated customer support Service
We perform quality assurance tests and measurements with no preference to particular brand of x-ray equipment.

Additional support services:

In house world class Radiation monitoring calibration facility.
Conducting training programmes on Radiation Protection as per clients specific requirements.
Shortly coming up with Personnel monitoring services(PMS).

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